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Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coverage and investment trends

Resources - Author: Bernardo Atuesta, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2017

This document analyses the evolution of the population coverage and investment of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes, which are poverty reduction initiatives, in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean over the past 20 years. The analysis is based on up-to-date, detailed information from the database on non-contributory...

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Ley 1.145

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2007

Crea el Sistema Nacional de Discapacidad (SND), entendido como el conjunto de orientaciones, normas, actividades, recursos, programas e instituciones que permiten la puesta en marcha de los principios generales de la...

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Ley 1.232

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2008

Ley 1.232 por la cual se modifica la Ley 82 de 1993, Ley Mujer Cabeza de Familia y se dictan otras disposiciones....

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Ley 1.413

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2010

La ley tiene por objeto incluir la economía del cuidado conformada por el trabajo de hogar no remunerado en el Sistema de Cuentas Nacionales, con el objeto de medir la contribución de la mujer al desarrollo económico y social del país (Art.1), y como herramienta fundamental para la definición...

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Ley 1.468

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2011

La Licencia de Maternidad se aumentó de 12 a 14 semanas. La licencia de maternidad para madres de niños prematuros, tendrá en cuenta la diferencia entre la fecha gestacional y el nacimiento a término, las cuales serán sumadas a las 14 semanas. La licencia se ampliará en dos semanas...

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Ley n° 1.822

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2017

La licencia de maternidad se aumentó a dieciocho (18) semanas, siendo en condiciones normales una (1) semana antes del parto y diecisiete (17) semanas posteriores a éste. Además el esposo o compañero permanente tendrá derecho a ocho (8) días hábiles de licencia remunerada de paternidad. Por medio de esta...

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Compendium Social Protection Floors: Volume 1 – Universal schemes

Resources - Year: 2016

The volumes on Social Protection Floors present best practices and experiences from countries that are useful for South-South learning, for practitioners and to provide the basis for more informed policy-making. Volume 1 showcases universal old-age and disability pensions as well as universal maternity and child protection schemes in developing...

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Trade unions in the informal sector: Finding their bearings

Resources - Year: 1999

These nine national studies cover four regions of the world and reveal the stakes and problems which the multifaceted informal sector poses for the trade union movement, irrespective of the level of development in the countries under consideration. The studies are based on the information available and represent testimonies...

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Multidimensional progress: well-being beyond income

Resources - Author: George Gray Molina / Year: 2016

The report focuses on the increasingly pressing challenges facing the region. In times of global economic fragility, eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities in all their dimensions require a twofold strategy: protecting the achievements of the last decade  to prevent millions from falling back into poverty while promoting comprehensive policies...

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Land Rights for People of Indigenous and African Descent in Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Body: Colombian Constitutional Court / Year: 2016

Nature of the Case Among other issues, the Constitutional Court revoked licenses for all 347 private mining companies that had previously been granted approval for mining in the páramo (moorland), an ecologically endangered region of the Colombian Andes. Summary Members of the leftist opposition party, the Democratic Pole and...

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Social Security Provisions in the Constitution of Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 1991

Artículo 1 Colombia es un Estado social de derecho (…) Artículo 43 (…) La mujer no podrá ser sometida a ninguna clase de discriminación. Durante el embarazo y después del parto gozará de especial asistencia y protección del Estado, y recibirá de éste subsidio alimentario si entonces estuviere desempleada...

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Relevance of contractual terms to protections for employed women who are pregnant or breastfeeding in Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Body: Constitutional Court of Colombia / Year: 2013

This case addressed the circumstances of thirty-three women who had been dismissed from various forms of employment on the basis of being pregnant. Article 53 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Colombia allows for the direct application of international law by domestic legal bodies. Ratified conventions and...

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Integrating informal workers into market reform strategies in Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Body: Constitutional Courts / Year: 2009

Summary: Recycling activities in Colombia have traditionally been carried out by extremely poor and marginalized sectors of society. Materials are collected from landfills or the streets, transported and sold as recyclable material to intermediary informal warehouses for modest sums. However, over the course of the last decade, recycling became...

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