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Ley 10.421

Legal depository - Country: Brazil / Year: 2002

Extiende a la madre adoptiva el derecho a licencia y salario por maternidad, modificando las Leyes del...

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Social Security Provisions in the Constitution of Costa Rica

Legal depository - Country: Costa Rica / Year: 2002

Artículo 7 Los tratados públicos, los convenios internacionales y los concordatos, debidamente aprobados por la Asamblea Legislativa, tendrán desde su promulgación o desde el día que ellos designen, autoridad superior a las leyes (…) Artículo 10 Corresponderá a una Sala especializada de la Corte Suprema de Justicia declarar, por...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of San Marino

Legal depository - Country: San Marino / Year: 2002

Relevant articles: Article 9 … All citizens shall be entitled to social security Article 12 The Republic shall protect the institution of the family, based on moral and legal equality of spouses. Mothers shall be entitled to assistance and protection by the community. Children born outside wedlock shall enjoy...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Monaco

Legal depository - Country: Monaco / Year: 2002

Relevant article: Article 26. Monegasques are entitled to state assistance in case of indigence, unemployment, sickness, disability, maternity and old age, under the conditions and manner prescribed by law. Link to compendium “The right to Social Security in European Constitutions: Compendium of provisions of European Constitutions related to the...

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Coherent Constitutions and the Right to Social Protection for Adopted Children in Taiwan

Legal depository - Country: China, Taiwan / Body: Judicial Yuan (Constitutional Interpretation Agency) (China) / Year: 2002

The Judicial Yuan, a body responsible for interpreting the Constitution, examined the constitutionality of provisions in the Statute for Labor Insurance preventing children adopted within less than six months of the death of their adoptive parents from collecting social insurance benefits as survivors. The Court held that despite the...

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Social Protection and Human Rights