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Equality Act 2010

Legal depository - Country: United Kingdom / Year: 2010

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat...

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Decreto 32-2010

Legal depository - Country: Guatemala / Year: 2010

Esta ley tiene como objetivo la creación de un marco jurídico que permita implementar los mecanismos necesarios para mejorar la salud y calidad de vida de las mujeres y del recién nacido, y promover el desarrollo humano a través de asegurar la maternidad de las mujeres mediante el acceso...

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Ley Reformatoria a la Ley de Seguridad Social

Legal depository - Country: Ecuador / Year: 2010

Reforma el Artículo 105 de la Ley de Seguridad Social sobre la Contingencia de Maternidad. En caso de maternidad, la asegurada tendrá derecho a la asistencia médica y obstétrica necesario durante el embarazo, parto y puerperio; un subsidio monetario, durante el periodo de descanso por maternidad, en el caso...

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Ley 1.413

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2010

La ley tiene por objeto incluir la economía del cuidado conformada por el trabajo de hogar no remunerado en el Sistema de Cuentas Nacionales, con el objeto de medir la contribución de la mujer al desarrollo económico y social del país (Art.1), y como herramienta fundamental para la definición...

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Ley 20.422 establece normas sobre igualdad de oportunidades e inclusión social de personas con discapacidad.

Legal depository - Country: Chile / Year: 2010

Garantiza la igualdad de oportunidades de las personas con discapacidad (Título I, pár.1).Promueve la autonomía personal y la atención a las personas en situación de dependencia a través de prestaciones o servicios de apoyo. La atención de las personas con discapacidad en situación de dependencia, deberá facilitar una existencia...

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Ley 20.482

Legal depository - Country: Chile / Year: 2010

Modifica el artículo 195 del código del trabajo, y aclara que el permiso laboral de 5 días a favor del padre trabajador debe tomarse en forma continua, excluyendo el descanso...

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General Orders (Anguilla)

Legal depository - Country: Anguilla / Year: 2004, 2010

General Orders, Chapter 7:   Paragraph 7.24 states that “Women officers will be eligible for the grant of thirteen weeks maternity leave with full salary of which not fewer than four (if officer is physically on the job) and not more than six weeks may be taken before the...

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The Role of Social Protection Programmes in Supporting Education in Conflict-Affected Situations

Resources - Author: Rebecca Holmes / Year: 2010

This background paper examines the role of social protection programmes in supporting education in conflict-affected contexts. Drawing on existing literature, the paper looks at the impact, design and implementation issues of social protection programme experience in conflict, protracted crisis and post-conflict contexts, including in Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Turkey

Legal depository - Country: Turkey / Year: 2010

Relevant articles: Chapter 3 – Social and Economic rights and duties 1. Protection of the Family and Children’s Rights Article 41 The family is the foundation of the Turkish society and based on the equality between the spouses. The state shall take the necessary measures and establish the necessary...

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HIV-Sensitive Social Protection: What does the evidence say?

Resources - Author: Miriam Temin / Year: 2010

Social protection increases the resilience of households to shock and reduces barriers to essential services. When done well, it is based on a comprehensive assessment of risks and vulnerabilities, including those related to HIV and AIDS. A social protection strategy and its constituent programmes are designed to reduce, mitigate...

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Rights to Water and Sanitation: A Handbook for Activists

Resources - Year: 2010

The purpose of this handbook is to help civil society and those working on water and sanitation issues to adopt a human rights-based approach to advocacy, so that they can improve water and sanitation service regulation and provision at international, national and local levels. Directed primarily at community groups,...

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Paid Parental Leave Act 2010 (No. 104)

Legal depository - Country: Australia / Year: 2010

The objective of this act is to establish regulations for the provision of financial support to primary carers of newborns and newly adopted children. This financial support is intended for primary carers who are in the work force and is intended to complement and/or supplement existing entitlements to paid...

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Constitution of the Republic of Angola

Legal depository - Country: Angola / Year: 2010

Relevant articles: Article 77 The state shall promote and guarantee the measures needed to ensure the universal right to medical and health care, as well as the right to child care and maternity care, care in illness, disability, old age and in situations in which they are unable to...

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Social Protection and Poverty

Resources - Author: Armando Barrientos / Year: 2010

In the last decade, social protection has emerged as a policy framework employed to address poverty and vulnerability in developing countries. This report has two main aims: to provide an overview of social protection, and to provide an assessment of its potential contribution to addressing poverty and vulnerability in...

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Governance of Social Security Systems: A Guide for Board Members in Africa

Resources - Author: ITCILO / Year: 2010

This handbook is intended as a practical guide for members of governing boards of social security organizations in Africa. While the structure and mandate of social security boards varies from country to country, they all have important responsibilities: ensuring that social security contributions are used judiciously for intended purposes,...

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Report on the importance of gender sensitive social protection systems in achieving the MDGs (A/65/259) submitted by the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2010

Summary The present report highlights the importance of social protection measures in the Millennium Development Goals agenda. It also stresses that social protection measures designed, implemented and evaluated within the framework of a rights-based approach are more likely to ensure the achievement of the Goals and to result in...

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Joint report of the Independent Expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty and human rights and the Independent Expert on the issue of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation: Mission to Bangladesh (A /HRC/15/55)

Resources - Author: Catarina de Albuquerque, Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2010

In the report, the Independent Expert on water and sanitation highlights the problems relating to sanitation, water quality and availability, and menstrual hygiene. The Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty focuses on social protection programmes for education, women, older persons, emergency relief and decent work, and points out the challenges...

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Social Protection and Human Rights