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Combining constitutional and international standards for social protection resource mobilization in Latvia

Legal depository - Country: Latvia / Body: Constitutional Courts / Year: 2001

Summary: In 2000, twenty Latvian parliamentarians complained to Latvia’s Constitutional Court that certain employers within Latvia were not paying social insurance premiums into a fund for their employees, and that this was a breach of the human right to social security as per Latvia’s constitution as well as Articles...

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Integrating informal workers into market reform strategies in Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Body: Constitutional Courts / Year: 2009

Summary: Recycling activities in Colombia have traditionally been carried out by extremely poor and marginalized sectors of society. Materials are collected from landfills or the streets, transported and sold as recyclable material to intermediary informal warehouses for modest sums. However, over the course of the last decade, recycling became...

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Social Protection and Human Rights