Key Issues

Photo credits: “First Ever Braille Library in Paradise, Mauritius” by Exchanges Photos, “Leslie Orr_No.184” by U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv, “NYHQ2010-0736” by UNICEF Canada, “Birmingham protest included young Thomas Bairstow, who attended with his mother Mary and his brother Aaron who has learning difficulties” by RNIB, “Thomas Jefferson on Taxation” by elycefeliz, “Matunduzi School, Girls Education Support Initiative, Malawi 2012 (IM/Creccom partner initiative, Photo: Erik Törner)” by INDIVIDUELL MÄNNISKOHJÄLP, “Grade 11 teacher Annette teaches English to her students at Norsup Secondary School. AusAID supports education projects on Malekula Island.” by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, “Solar engineering trainer, Barefoot College, India” by UN Women, “Kitabi Tea Processing Facility” by World Bank Photo Collection (CCBY 2.0 via Flickr).
Social Protection and Human Rights