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National Policy on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work

Legal depository - Country: India / Year: 2009

This policy, based on principles of human rights, aims to guide the national response to HIV/AIDS in reducing and managing the impact of the epidemic in the world of work. Specifically the policy aims to: Prevent transmission of HIV infection amongst workers and their families; Protect rights of those...

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Ley Orgánica reformatoria a la Ley Orgánica de servicio civil y carrera administrativa y de unificación y homologación de las remuneraciones del sector público y al Código del Trabajo.

Legal depository - Country: Ecuador / Year: 2009

Establece que toda servidora pública tiene derecho a una licencia con remuneración de 12 semanas por el nacimiento de su hija o hijo; en caso de nacimientos múltiples el plazo se extiende por 10 días adicionales. Por otra parte señala que el servidor público tiene derecho a licencia por...

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Ley 8.726

Legal depository - Country: Costa Rica / Year: 2009

Reforma del capítulo octavo del título segundo del Código del Trabajo, Ley 2. Ley del trabajo doméstico remunerado. Define a las trabajadoras domésticas como aquellas que brindan asistencia y bienestar a una familia o persona, en forma remunerada, y que se dedican a las labores de limpieza, cocina, lavado,...

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Iberoamerican Convention on Rights of Youth

Legal depository - Country: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Spain, Uruguay / Year: 2009

Article 28. Right to social protection. Youth  have  the  right  to  social  protection  towards  situations  of  illness,  accident  in  the workplace, disability, widowhood or orphanage and any other situation meaning lack or decrease of means of subsistence or capacity to work. The  States  Parties  shall  adopt  as many measures ...

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Social Security Provisions in the Constitution of Bolivia

Legal depository - Country: Bolivia / Year: 2009

Artículo 35 I. El Estado, en todos sus niveles, protegerá el derecho a la salud, promoviendo políticas públicas orientadas a mejorar la calidad de vida, el bienestar colectivo y el acceso gratuito de la población a los servicios de salud (…) Artículo 36 I. El Estado garantizará el acceso...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Poland

Legal depository - Country: Poland / Year: 2009

Relevant articles: Article 18 Marriage, being a union of a man and a woman, as well as the family, motherhood and parenthood, shall be placed under the protection and care of the Republic of Poland.  Article 19 The Republic of Poland shall take special care of veterans of the...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Luxembourg

Legal depository - Country: Luxembourg / Year: 2009

Relevant articles: Chapter II: Public freedoms and fundamental rights Article 11 … 5) The law regulates as to their principles [:] social security, the protection of health, the rights of workers, [and] the struggle against poverty and social integration of citizens affected by a handicap. …  Article 23 –...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Denmark

Legal depository - Country: Denmark / Year: 2009

Relevant article:  Section 75 Subsection 1. It should be an aim that every able-bodied citizen has the opportunity to work under conditions that safeguard his or her existence in order to promote the common good. Subsection 2. A person who is unable to support himself or his dependants, and...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Azerbaijan

Legal depository - Country: Azerbaijan / Year: 2009

Relevant articles: Article 16 – Social development and state 1. Azerbaijani state takes care about improvement of prosperity of all people and each citizen, their social protection and proper living conditions. 2. Azerbaijani state participates in development of culture, education, public health, science, arts, protects environment, historical, material and...

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Social Protection in Fragile States: Lessons learned

Resources - Author: Paul Harvey / Year: 2009

How can social protection best be achieved in situations of fragility? This paper argues that while the objectives for social protection in fragile states are essentially the same as in development contexts, social protection instruments, financing and delivery need to be adapted. In order to scale up social protection...

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Rights-based Approach to Social Security Coverage Expansion

Resources - Author: Krzysztof Hagemejer / Year: 2009

This chapter presents the vision, originating from International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and recommendations, of the universalization of affordable retirement as part of a wider objective of guaranteeing a basic social security package to all. Both the principles that sustain the vision and issues related to design and implementation...

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Austerity measures that contravene Conventions by reducing social protection and increasing poverty

Legal depository - Country: World / Body: ILO Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations / Year: 2009

In its general report of 2009, the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR) observed that the global financial crisis was posing a real threat to the financial viability and sustainable development of social security systems and undermining the application of ILO social security standards....

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Unfair dismissal during protected maternity period in Benin

Legal depository - Country: Benin / Body: Cotonou Court of First Instance (Benin) / Year: 2009

Consequences of childbirth led to a medical condition that would temporarily prevent rigorous physical activities, and subsequently have implications for the complainant’s work duties upon returning to Plan International Benin after maternity leave, due to the necessity of daily motorcycle travel. During extended maternity leave, she was dismissed on...

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Joint statement on advancing child-sensitive social protection

Resources - Author: DFID, HelpAge International, Hope & Homes for Children, Institute of Development Studies, International Labour Organization, Overseas Development Institute, Save the Children UK, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank / Year: 2009

The joint statement aims to build greater consensus on the importance of child-sensitive social protection. It lays out the particular vulnerabilities that children and families face, the ways that social protection can impact children even when not focused on them, and outlines principles and approaches for undertaking child-sensitive social...

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Report on a human rights approach to the global and financial crisis (A/64/279). submitted by the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2009

This report addresses the impact of the current global financial crisis on people living in extreme poverty and the enjoyment of their human rights. It stresses that the crisis offers an opportunity to move beyond the restructuring of the global financial and monetary systems and to place people at the...

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Social Protection and Human Rights