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HIV/AIDS Policy of the Public Sector of Belize

Legal depository - Country: Belize / Year: 2007

The overall purpose of this policy is to promote the health, well-being and productivity of Public Officers by developing and implementing effective HIV/AIDS sustainable prevention, care and control programs; and eliminating stigma and discrimination on the basis of real and perceived HIV status. This Policy establishes a set of...

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Roma Students’ Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination in the Czech Republic

Legal depository - Country: Czech Republic / Body: European Court of Human Rights / Year: 2007

Participatory implementation of D.H. case promotes inclusion of Roma children in Czech schools In this case, applicants challenged the disproportionate classification of Roma school children in the Czech Republic as having special education needs as well as their segregation into schools for children with “Light Mental Disabilities”. The European...

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National Insurance Act (Modified 2007)

Legal depository - Country: Grenada / Year: 2007

Article 12 states that: Maternity benefit shall be granted to a woman for a period starting from a date not earlier than six weeks before the expected date of confinement and continuing until the expiration of (a) 12 weeks; or (b) 6 weeks from the date on which confinement...

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Ley 1.145

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Year: 2007

Crea el Sistema Nacional de Discapacidad (SND), entendido como el conjunto de orientaciones, normas, actividades, recursos, programas e instituciones que permiten la puesta en marcha de los principios generales de la...

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Decreto 6122/07

Legal depository - Country: Brazil / Year: 2007

Asegura a las trabajadoras desempleadas el derecho a la licencia de maternidad y el pago del seguro...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Malta

Legal depository - Country: Malta / Year: 2007

Relevant article: Chapter II Declaration of Principles 17. Social assistance and insurance (1) Every citizen incapable of work and unprovided with the resources necessary for subsistence is entitled to maintenance and social assistance. (2) Workers are entitled to reasonable insurance on a contributory basis for their requirements in case...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Bulgaria

Legal depository - Country: Bulgaria / Year: 2007

Relevant articles: Article 14 The family, motherhood and children shall enjoy the protection of the state and society.  Article 47 (1) The raising and upbringing of children until they come of age shall be a right and obligation of their parents and shall be assisted by the state. (2)...

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Social Protection and Human Rights