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In this section of the platform, advocates, development practitioners, policy makers and academics from around the globe share practical guidance and thought-provoking commentary based on their experiences with a human rights-based approach to social protection. These contributions discuss challenges related to the implementation of the framework presented on this platform, exploring the complex issues which arise as legal obligations in international human rights law come into contact with development realities.

The views and opinions expressed in the expert commentaries are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Social Protection and Human Rights or any partner organization.

How to contribute
This section of the platform is intended to be an active area for much-needed debate on the practical realities of how to implement a human rights-based approach to social protection. We invite you to share your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of individual commentaries; the authors are encouraged to respond to your comments.

Alternatively, we welcome new commentaries, either on topics so far missing from the Platform, or responses to material already published here. Perhaps you have something to contribute about monitoring and evaluation, fragile states and post-conflict contexts, the SDGs, or another important issue? If you would like to contribute a new commentary, please contact us at

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