Social security provisions in the Constitution of Luxembourg

Country: Luxembourg
Year: 2009

Relevant articles:

Chapter II: Public freedoms and fundamental rights

  • Article 11

5) The law regulates as to their principles [:] social security, the protection of health, the rights of workers, [and] the struggle against poverty and social integration of citizens affected by a handicap.

  •  Article 23 – Education, Health

(1) The State sees to the organization of primary education, which will be obligatory and free and to which access must be guaranteed to every person inhabiting the Grand Duchy. Medical and social assistance is regulated by the law.

  • Article 94:

The law also regulates the organization of the jurisdictions [in matters] of labor and the jurisdiction in matters of social security, their attributions, the mode of appointment of their members and the duration of their functions.

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Social Protection and Human Rights