Social security provisions in the Constitution of Azerbaijan

Country: Azerbaijan
Year: 2009

Relevant articles:

  • Article 16 – Social development and state

1. Azerbaijani state takes care about improvement of prosperity of all people and each citizen, their social protection and proper living conditions.

2. Azerbaijani state participates in development of culture, education, public health, science, arts, protects environment, historical, material and spiritual heritage of people.

  •  Article 17 – Family, Children and State

1. Family as a basic element of society is under special protection of the state.

2. Parents must take care of their children and their education. The state controls implementation of this responsibility.

III. Children who do not have parents or guardians and are deprived of parental care are under the protection of the State.

1. The State implements children’s rights.

  • Article 34. Right for marriage

III. Family and marriage are protected by state. Maternity, paternity and childhood are protected by the law. The state provides support to large families.

  • Article 35 – Right to work

VII. Unemployed persons have the right to receive social allowances from the state.

  • Article 38 – Right for social protection

1. Everyone has the right for social protection.

2. Most vulnerable persons must get support, in the first place, from members of their families.

III. Everyone has the right for social protection on reaching specific age according to legislation, in case of illness, disability, loss of bread-winner in the family, due to unemployment and in other cases envisaged by legislation.

1. Minimum sum of pensions and social allowances is specified by law.

2. The state creates possibilities for development of charitable activity, voluntary social insurance and other forms of social protection.

  • Article 41 – Right for protection of health

1. Everyone has the right for protection of his/her health and for medical care.

2. The state takes all necessary measures for development of all forms of health services based on various forms of property, guarantees sanitary-epidemiological safety, creates possibilities for various forms of medical insurance.

III. Officials concealing facts and cases dangerous for life and health of people will bear legal responsibility.

  • Article 94 – General rules established by Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic

1. Milli Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic establishes general rules concerning the following matters:

2. use of rights and liberties of a person and citizen specified in the present Constitution, state guarantees of these rights and liberties;

16. labor relationships and social maintenance;

  • Article 109. Competence of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic

3. approves state economic and social programs;

  • Article 119. Authority of Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic

Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic:

provides implementation of state social programs;

  • Article 144. Authority of municipalities

1. The following questions are settled at the meetings of municipalities:

7. acceptance and implementation of local programs of social protection and social development;

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Social Protection and Human Rights