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Report on Cash transfer programmes (CTPs) from a human rights perspective (A/HRC/11/9), submitted by the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2009

This report focuses on cash transfer programmes (CTPs) from a human rights perspective. CTPs are non-contributory programmes  providing payments in the form of cash to individuals or households. The primary objective of  CTPs is to increase the real income of beneficiaries in order to enable a minimum level of  consumption within...

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Integrating informal workers into market reform strategies in Colombia

Legal depository - Country: Colombia / Body: Constitutional Courts / Year: 2009

Summary: Recycling activities in Colombia have traditionally been carried out by extremely poor and marginalized sectors of society. Materials are collected from landfills or the streets, transported and sold as recyclable material to intermediary informal warehouses for modest sums. However, over the course of the last decade, recycling became...

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Social Protection and Human Rights