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No Relief

Resources - Year: 2015

This is a short multi-media piece that highlights the devastating impact of India’s sanitation crisis on women. It was produced in support of a 2014 research study called Sanitation Vulnerability: Women’s stress and struggles for violence-free sanitation....

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Towards Universal Social Protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

Resources - Author: Carla Bronzo, Carlos F. Maldonado Valera, Cecilia Rossel, Daniela Simioni, Fabián Repetto, Fernando Filgueira, Isabel Brain, Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum, María Nieves Rico, Nuria Cunill-Grau, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini, Umberto Bonomo / Year: 2015

The book is aimed at international and national decision-makers at all levels, as well as academics and university students interested in learning more about the development of the region’s social protection policies and programmes. It is hoped that it will prove particularly useful to those responsible for designing, executing,...

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Social Protection and the Inter-American Development Bank

Resources -

Families in Latin America and the Caribbean are often faced with unexpected events that can affect their income, productive capacity, assets, and quality of life. A family’s response to these events depends on its ability to minimize their impact and mitigate any potential consequences. Those with greater assets and...

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Tackling Social Exclusion

Resources - Author: Jessica Hagen-Zanker / Year: 2015

It is argued that social protection can reduce the extent to which marginalized people and groups are socially excluded. This paper investigates this thesis by considering what causes marginalization in the first place and what is needed to change the dynamics of exclusion. Using examples from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India...

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How Does Nepal’s Child Grant Work for Dalit Children and Their Families? A mixed-methods assessment of programme delivery and impact in Bajura and Saptari

Resources - Author: Anita Ghimire, Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Richard Mallett / Year: 2015

This study examines the delivery and impact of Nepal’s Child Grant, so as to identify implementation barriers and recommend ways to improve effectiveness. The cash transfer is targeted at all households with children aged up to five years in the Karnali zone and at poor Dalit households in the...

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Inclusive Social Development

Resources - Year: 2015

The aim of this report is to provide these policy constituents with a comprehensive mapping and analysis of the key issues which can be used to identify the most important social and economic issues that need to be addressed and act as a guide for the development of social...

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Confronting Inequalities in Asia and the Pacific: The Role of Social Protection

Resources - Year: 2014

As the development agenda beyond 2015 takes shape, it is increasingly being recognized that inequality is an impediment to the integration of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. Despite high and enduring economic growth and significant progress in terms of poverty eradication, inequalities persist in Asia and the...

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Labour Code of the Government of Afghanistan

Legal depository - Country: Afghanistan / Year: 1999

Relevant articles from the 1999 Labour Code of the Republic of Afghanistan: Article 3.11 Social Protection: is a fund deducted of the employees’ monthly salary and Employers’ contribution. Or it is a fund fully paid to the employee by the employer for his/her livelihood during the employee’s service period...

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Social Protection and Human Rights