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Pension and Income Transfers for Old Age: Inter- and intra-generational distribution in comparative perspective

Resources - Author: Fernando Filgueira, Pilar Manzi / Year: 2017

This document provides a world comparative analysis regarding the design and reform of pension systems in order to improve coverage, equality and sustainability. It looks at how pension systems, rules and financing affect coverage, sufficiency, and distribution as well as fiscal and intergenerational sustainability and...

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Confronting Inequality: Social protection for families and early childhood through monetary transfers and care worldwide

Resources - Author: Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira / Year: 2017

This paper analyzes social protection policies for families and early childhood focusing on three main policies: family allowances and other types of monetary transfers for families with children, work leaves and early childhood education and care (ECEC) policies worldwide. It analyzes the design and reform of policies which protect...

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Towards Universal Social Protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

Resources - Author: Carla Bronzo, Carlos F. Maldonado Valera, Cecilia Rossel, Daniela Simioni, Fabián Repetto, Fernando Filgueira, Isabel Brain, Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum, María Nieves Rico, Nuria Cunill-Grau, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini, Umberto Bonomo / Year: 2015

The book is aimed at international and national decision-makers at all levels, as well as academics and university students interested in learning more about the development of the region’s social protection policies and programmes. It is hoped that it will prove particularly useful to those responsible for designing, executing,...

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Instrumentos de protección social: caminos latinoamericanos hacia la universalización

Resources - Author: Cecilia Rossel, Fernando Filgueira, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2015

El objetivo de este libro es discutir y difundir conocimiento sobre aquellas políticas públicas, programas y marcos regulatorios que, desde un enfoque de derechos, están permitiendo ampliar la cobertura y las prestaciones de la protección social en América Latina. Por un lado, se procura brindar al lector un panorama...

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Social Protection and Human Rights