Towards Universal Social Protection: Latin American pathways and policy tools

Organization(s): ECLAC
Author: Carla Bronzo, Carlos F. Maldonado Valera, Cecilia Rossel, Daniela Simioni, Fabián Repetto, Fernando Filgueira, Isabel Brain, Luis Hernán Vargas Faulbaum, María Nieves Rico, Nuria Cunill-Grau, Rodrigo Martínez, Simone Cecchini, Umberto Bonomo
Regions: Global South, Latin America
Year: 2015
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The book is aimed at international and national decision-makers at all levels, as well as academics and university students interested in learning more about the development of the region’s social protection policies and programmes. It is hoped that it will prove particularly useful to those responsible for designing, executing, financing, monitoring and evaluating these policies and programmes.

In its analysis, the book takes an explicitly rights-based approach to public policy and a universalist-based approach to social policy. Universal social protection may be pursued using a wide range of paths and instruments, as has been documented. Operationally speaking, it encompasses issues in relation to coverage, the legal framework and the quality, segmentation and financing of social protection policies and programmes.

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