Labour Code of the Government of Afghanistan

Country: Afghanistan
Year: 1999
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Relevant articles from the 1999 Labour Code of the Republic of Afghanistan:

Article 3.11

Social Protection: is a fund deducted of the employees’ monthly salary and Employers’ contribution. Or it is a fund fully paid to the employee by the employer for his/her livelihood during the employee’s service period or after his/her retirement.

Article 9.1

There should be no discrimination in recruiting a person, paying the salaries and the allowances to the staff, making a profession, the right to education and providing the social protection.

Article 11

In the economic and social areas workers have the right to be provided with health services, safely work and produce, receive vocational training, skills development, improve their professional knowledge and be provided with social protection.

Article 134

(1) Employees and in some cases their family members can benefit from the
following social protections:

  1. Food allowance
  2. Transportation means
  3. Aid in finding shelter
  4. Medical services
  5. Financial aid at the old age retirement equal to 10 months of wage along with its benefits as per the last salary
  6. Aid for child birth
  7. Financial aid for the deceased employee’s family for burial ceremony equal to 10 months wage along with its benefits as per the last salary.
  8. Pension for old-age, completion of service duration, illness,
    disability and other conditions is foreseen in legislative

(2) Financial assistance mentioned in parts 1-7 of this article is paid from institution budget and the amount of pension mentioned in part 8 of this article is paid from pension fund.
(3) Medical services or their equivalent shall be provided to the employee and his/her family members according to financial capacity of the institution.

Article 135

1. Social protection will be put into effect through financial participation of the organization and employees.

2. The level of social protection is improved in equivalence with development and growth of national economy.
Article 136:
The manner of establishment, insurance, equipment of the foundations of the social
protection and insurance will be drawn up by separate legislative documents.

Article 137:
Assistance to the employee on account of his inability to work is rendered temporarily, and until the time when he regains capacity to work or becomes entitled to retirement, will be paid by the organization, the assistance will be equivalent to the wage and other rights that he used to be paid.

Social Protection and Human Rights