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Disability in the Arab Region. An Overview

Resources - Year: 2014

Disability is an intrinsic aspect of the human condition and most people will experience disability at some point in their lives. Globally, one billion people—or 15 per cent of the world population—are estimated to be living with disability. By contrast, Arab countries report comparatively low prevalence of disability, ranging...

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Social Protection Policy and Research in the Arab States: from Shared Challenges to Coordinated Efforts

Resources - Author: Carlos Alviar, Chris Béné, Fabio Veras Soares, Hania Sholkamy, Kristina Hallez, Madani Safar Zitoun, Nandita Gupta, Rabeya Yasmin, Yuri Kazepov /

UNESCO strives through its intergovernmental programme on Management of Social Transformations (MOST) to make a stronger linkage between social science research and public policy making. Social science policy research fed by dialogues among policy makers, practitioners from civil society, beneficiaries and participants of specific policy and programme interventions and...

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Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202)

Legal depository - Year: 2012

Recommendation No. 202 is the first international instrument to offer guidance to countries to close social security gaps and progressively achieve universal protection through the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive social security systems. To this aim, the Recommendation calls for (1) the implementation, as a priority, of social protection...

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Report on a human rights approach to the global and financial crisis (A/64/279). submitted by the independent expert on the question of human rights and extreme poverty

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2009

This report addresses the impact of the current global financial crisis on people living in extreme poverty and the enjoyment of their human rights. It stresses that the crisis offers an opportunity to move beyond the restructuring of the global financial and monetary systems and to place people at the...

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on her Mission to Paraguay (A /HRC/20/25/Add. 2)

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2012

The report focuses on a number of flagship programmes, including the Tekoporã conditional cash transfer programme, the Abrazo (“hug”) Programme and the Family Health Units Programme. The report recognizes that major strides have been made in the area of rights-based public policy planning. It also reviews the achievements of the social protection...

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on her Mission to Namibia (A /HRC/23/36/Add.1)

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2013

While acknowledging the compounded challenges faced by Namibia – including limited institutional capacity, and the fact that Namibia has one of the world’s lowest population densities – this report concludes that progress has not been fast enough. There are still unacceptable levels of inequality along the lines of gender, race,...

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Social Protection and Human Rights