Social Protection Policy and Research in the Arab States: from Shared Challenges to Coordinated Efforts

Organization(s): UNESCO
Author: Carlos Alviar, Chris Béné, Fabio Veras Soares, Hania Sholkamy, Kristina Hallez, Madani Safar Zitoun, Nandita Gupta, Rabeya Yasmin, Yuri Kazepov
Regions: Arab States
Language: Arabic
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UNESCO strives through its intergovernmental programme on Management of Social Transformations (MOST) to make a stronger linkage between social science research and public policy making. Social science policy research fed by dialogues among policy makers, practitioners from civil society, beneficiaries and participants of specific policy and programme interventions and researchers, will better inform and advise policy formulation process.

This report is based on a three-day workshop in Beirut which was designed to address the gap between social science research and policy making in the area of social protection cash transfer mechanisms.

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Social Protection and Human Rights