National Insurance Act (Modified 2007)

Country: Grenada
Year: 2007
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  • Article 12 states that:

Maternity benefit shall be granted to a woman for a period starting from a date not earlier than six weeks before the expected date of confinement and continuing until the expiration of (a) 12 weeks; or (b)
6 weeks from the date on which confinement occurs whichever is the later.

  • Article 13 states that:
  1. The daily rate of maternity benefit shall be 60 percent of the average weekly insurable earnings of the insured person divided by six.
  2. Average weekly insurable earnings for the purposes of this regulation shall mean the sum of the weekly insurable earnings on which contributions were based including any contributions credited in accordance with regulation 47 over the continuous calendar period of thirty contribution weeks previous to the week in which the benefit is due to commence, divided by thirty.
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