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Ley 11.304

Legal depository - Country: Brazil / Year: 2006

Permite al contribuyente que paga impuesto sobre la renta y emplear a una trabajadora doméstica, deducir de su declaración de impuesto a las ganancias conseguidas mensual del 12% a la Seguridad Social, en relación con la contribución del empleador. Regula los días de descanso y licencia por maternidad de...

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Ley 3460 de fomento a la lactancia materna

Legal depository - Country: Bolivia / Year: 2006

La Ley tiene como objetivo contribuir al bienestar físico, mental y social de la madre y su hijo (a), mediante la promoción, apoyo, fomento y protección de la lactancia natural y la regulación de la comercialización de sucedáneos de la leche materna y otros productos...

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General Orders

Legal depository - Country: Bahamas / Year: 2006

Chapter 15 of the General Orders of the Bahamas describes the required conditions to obtain maternity and vacation in case of pregnancy....

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Slovakia

Legal depository - Country: Slovakia / Year: 2006

Relevant articles: Article 38 (1) Women, minors, and persons with impaired health are entitled to an enhanced protection of their health at work, as well as to special working conditions. (2) Minors and persons with impaired health are entitled to special protection in labor relations as well as to...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Serbia

Legal depository - Country: Serbia / Year: 2006

Relevant articles: Article 66 – Special protection of the family, mother, single parent and child Families, mothers, single parents and any child in the Republic of Serbia shall enjoy special protection in the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the law. Mothers shall be given special support and protection...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Lithuania

Legal depository - Country: Lithuania / Year: 2006

Relevant articles: Article 38 The family shall be the basis of society and the State. Family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood shall be under the protection and care of the State. …  Article 39 The State shall take care of families that raise and bring up children at home, and...

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Social security provisions in the Constitution of Cyprus

Legal depository - Country: Cyprus / Year: 2006

Relevant article: Article 9 Every person has the right to a decent existence and to social security. A law shall provide for the protection of the workers, assistance to the poor and for a system of social insurance. Link to compendium “The right to Social Security in European Constitutions:...

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Equal access to health and family planning information for all women in Hungary

Legal depository - Country: Hungary / Body: Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women / Year: 2006

The communication was filed with regards to the alleged forced sterilization of an ethnic Roma woman by medical staff pursuant to an emergency caesarian section that was required to remove a deceased fetus. The Committee found that previous medical care, the poor medical condition of the victim, A.S., upon...

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Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), 2006

Legal depository - Year: 2006

Article 28: Adequate standard of living and social protection 1. States Parties recognize the right of persons with disabilities to an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families, including adequate food, clothing and housing, and to the continuous improvement of living conditions, and shall take appropriate steps...

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Shaping the future of social protection: access, financing and solidarity

Resources - Year: 2006

The proposals put forward in this document are designed to build bridges between social rights and policy guidelines aimed at making them more enforceable through improved access, better financing and greater solidarity. To this end, the study devotes particular attention to some of the main issues relating to social...

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Conditions for receipt of unemployment benefits and other forms of insurance in the Netherlands

Legal depository - Country: Netherlands / Body: European Committee of Social Rights / Year: 2006

Summary: The European Committee of Social Rights reviewed the report of the Dutch government on the levels of social security in The Netherlands and noted that the Unemployment Benefit Act (WW) comprises a short-term benefit (conditions for payment 26 weeks of paid employment during the last 39 weeks), and...

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