Social security provisions in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova

Country: Moldova
Year: 2006

Relevant articles:

  • Article 36 – Right to health protection

(1) The right to health protection shall be guaranteed.

(2) The minimum health insurance provided by the State shall be free.

(3) The structure of the national system of medical assistance and the necessary means aimed at protecting the individual physical and mental health shall be provided for by organic law.

  •  Article 47 –  Right to  Social Assistance and Protection

(1) The State shall be bound to take actions aimed at ensuring to every person and to his/her family a decent standard of living, health protection and welfare including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and the necessary social services.

(2) All citizens shall have the right to be socially secured in case of: unemployment, disease, disability, widowhood, old age or other cases of loss of the subsistence means, due to certain circumstances beyond their control.

  •  Article 49 – Protection of Family and Orphaned Children

(1) The State shall facilitate, by economic and other such actions, the formation of a family, and the fulfilment of its assigned obligations.

(2) The State shall protect the motherhood, children and young people, by fostering the development of the required institutions.

(3) All the concerns aimed at maintaining, upbringing and educating the orphaned children and those deprived of parental care shall be devolved to the State and society. The State shall promote and support the charitable activities for the benefit of these children.

  • Article 50 – Protection of Mothers, Children and Young People

(1) Mothers and children shall benefit by special assistance and protection. All the children, including those born out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.

(2) Children and young people shall enjoy a special form of assistance in the pursuit of their rights.

(3) The State shall grant the necessary allowances for children and benefits required for the care of sick or disabled children. Other forms of social assistance for children and young people shall be provided for by law.

  • Article 51 – Protection of Disabled Persons

(1) The disabled persons shall enjoy special protection from the whole of society. The State shall ensure normal conditions for medical treatment and rehabilitation, education, training and social integration of disabled persons.

(2) No one can be subdued to the forced medical treatment unless for the cases foreseen by law.


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