Social security provisions in the Constitution of Lithuania

Country: Lithuania
Year: 2006

Relevant articles:

  • Article 38

The family shall be the basis of society and the State.

Family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood shall be under the protection and care of the State.

  •  Article 39

The State shall take care of families that raise and bring up children at home, and shall render them support according to the procedure established by law.

The law shall provide to working mothers a paid leave before and after childbirth as well as favourable working conditions and other concessions.

  • Article 48

Each human being may freely choose a job or business, and shall have the right to have proper, safe and healthy conditions at work, to receive fair pay for work and social security in the event of unemployment.

  • Article 52

The State shall guarantee to citizens the right to receive old age and disability pensions as well as social assistance in the event of unemployment, sickness, widowhood, loss of the breadwinner, and in other cases provided for by laws.

  • Article 53

The State shall take care of people’s health and shall guarantee medical aid and services for the human being in the event of sickness. The procedure for providing medical aid to citizens free of charge at State medical establishments shall be established by law.


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