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Unimpeded Access to Accountability Mechanisms for Workers in the United Kingdom

Legal depository - Country: United Kingdom / Body: Supreme Court of the United Kingdom / Year: 2017

Summary:  Prior to the enactment of the Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013 (Fees Order) in the UK, a claimant could pursue and appeal employment proceedings without paying any fee. Fees were introduced under the Fees Order, with the amount varying depending on factors including...

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The Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202): Completing the standards to close the coverage gap

Resources - Author: Emmanuelle Saint-Pierre Guilbault, Ursula Kulke / Year: 2013

Summary: In June 2012, the 101st session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) adopted the Recommendation concerning national floors of social protection, 2012 (No. 202). This article explores the linkages between Recommendation No. 202 and the pre-existing International Labour Organization (ILO) social security standards and its complementarity with these....

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Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202)

Legal depository - Year: 2012

Recommendation No. 202 is the first international instrument to offer guidance to countries to close social security gaps and progressively achieve universal protection through the establishment and maintenance of comprehensive social security systems. To this aim, the Recommendation calls for (1) the implementation, as a priority, of social protection...

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Legal recourses and access to justice

A rights-bases approach to social protection requires that people can effectively pursue legal recourse and access justice. Legal access to complaint and appeal procedures provides persons with the ability to appeal in case of refusal of a benefit or complain as to its quality and quantity. According to Recommendation...

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Access to Accountability Mechanisms and Effective Remedies

A human rights-based approach to social protection requires that policy makers, programme administrators and others whose actions have an impact on a programme should be held accountable for their actions. To meet this human rights requirement, social protection programmes should have mechanisms to collect and process complaints, in particular...

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Using Human Rights in the Courts to Broaden Social Protection—The South African Example

Expert commentaries - Date: 19 September 2014 / Author: Beth Goldblatt

Human rights have an important role to play in supporting the objectives of social protection which include the prevention of poverty and inequality, ensuring solidarity and inclusion, and creating economically and socially fairer societies. They offer a normative basis and a legal imperative for requiring that states realize the...

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Social Protection and Human Rights