Barriers to health care for the poor and ethnic minorities in Northwest Vietnam

Organization(s): Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
Author: Bettina Schwind
Regions: Asia-Pacific
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2010

The report presents the results of two studies undertaken by Bettina Schwind in Vietnam around barriers to health care services for poor and ethnic minority people inhabiting mountainous Northwest Viet-nam. It shows how issues such as distance to the next health facility or the quality of information campaigns can impact the quality of health services the poor receive.

The objective is to reflect upon what may need to be done in order to improve their situation and to achieve greater equitable access to health services. In conclusion, it highlights some of the implications for the tailoring of responsive and inclusive health policies that take into account challenging geographical terrains and diverse socio-cultural environments. This is of relevance to neighbouring Asian countries as well, which feature similar conditions.

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