Constitution of the Republic of Angola

Country: Angola
Year: 2010
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Relevant articles:

  • Article 77
  1. The state shall promote and guarantee the measures needed to ensure the universal right to medical and health care, as well as the right to child care and maternity care, care in illness, disability, old age and in situations in which they are unable to work, in accordance with the law.
  2. In order to guarantee the right to medical and health care, the state shall be charged with:
    a) Developing and ensuring an operational health service throughout national territory;
    b) Regulating the production, distribution, marketing, sale and use of chemical, biological and pharmaceutical products and other means of treatment and diagnosis;
    c) Encouraging the development of medical and surgical training and research into medicine and health care.
  3. Private and cooperative initiatives in the spheres of health care, welfare and social security shall be overseen by the state and exercised under the conditions prescribed by law.

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