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State and Corporate Accountability in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Legal depository - Country: Democratic Republic of Congo / Body: African Commission of Human and Peoples' Rights / Year: 2016

Summary:  In 2004, a small number of lightly armed rebels tried to take control of Kilwa, a remote fishing town in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo). About 50 km away from Kilwa there is a copper and silver mine, where Anvil Mining Company (Anvil Mining), a small Australian-Canadian...

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Roma Students’ Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination in the Czech Republic

Legal depository - Country: Czech Republic / Body: European Court of Human Rights / Year: 2007

Participatory implementation of D.H. case promotes inclusion of Roma children in Czech schools In this case, applicants challenged the disproportionate classification of Roma school children in the Czech Republic as having special education needs as well as their segregation into schools for children with “Light Mental Disabilities”. The European...

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Access to health care for children of illegal immigrants in France

Legal depository - Country: France / Body: European Committee of Social Rights / Year: 2004

Summary: The International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) claimed that France had violated the right to medical assistance (Article 13 of Revised European Social Charter) by ending the exemption given to illegal immigrants, with very low incomes, from expenses for medical and hospital treatment. The complainant alleged the...

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Judicial protection of of pensioners’ rights in Peru

Legal depository - Country: Peru / Body: Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights / Year: 2005

Summary: The complaint was filed at the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (IACHR) by a group of retired public servants against the State of Peru  alleging violation of the right to property and the right to judicial protection relating to non-compliance with court decisions. Concerning the reduction of retiree...

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Conditions for receipt of unemployment benefits and other forms of insurance in the Netherlands

Legal depository - Country: Netherlands / Body: European Committee of Social Rights / Year: 2006

Summary: The European Committee of Social Rights reviewed the report of the Dutch government on the levels of social security in The Netherlands and noted that the Unemployment Benefit Act (WW) comprises a short-term benefit (conditions for payment 26 weeks of paid employment during the last 39 weeks), and...

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Adequate levels of social protection benefits in Bulgaria

Legal depository - Country: Bulgaria / Body: European Committee of Social Rights / Year: 2010

Summary: The European Committee of Social Rights notes that a social security system must guarantee an effective right to social security with respect to the benefits provided under each branch (Conclusions XIII-4, General Introduction on Article 12). Moreover, the Committee recalls that Article 12(1) requires social security benefits to...

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