Fostering Food Purchase Programmes in Widespread Poverty Contexts: targeting smallholders within the PAA Africa Programme in Niger

Organization(s): FAO, International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth
Author: Amadou Diop, Israel Klug, Rosana Pereira de Miranda
Regions: West Africa
Country: Niger
Year: 2017
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The overall objective of this case study is to present the approach adopted by the PAA Africa programme in the Nigerien context, the programmatic decisions taken to adapt the local purchases to the local context, and the associated challenges

Its specific objective is to provide a detailed description of the experience developed in Niger as part of the PAA Africa programme regarding the selection of the farmers engaged in programme activities. This study aims to describe the targeting process that was developed and to identify and discuss the main constraints experienced in the context of the pilot project. It also aims to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this approach in the broader context of institutional procurement programmes. In addition, it intends to draw evidence from the Nigerien case to foster a broader discussion on the relevance of introducing targeting processes in this kind of initiative, as well as some implications of this choice regarding the tools used, the partnership structure and the expected outcomes.

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