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Promoting Youth Employment: policies and programmes

Resources - Author: Dharam Ghai / Year: 1988

This paper deals primarily with programmes for expansion of youth employment opportunities, paying special attention to generation of self-employment through youth enterprise. Since these programmes cannot be considered in isolation of the nature of youth unemployment and the overall policies for employment creation, the initial sections of the paper...

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Social Security Provisions in the Constitution of Brazil

Legal depository - Country: Brazil / Year: 1988

Artículo 1 La República Federal del Brasil, formada por la unión indisoluble de los Estados y Municipios y del Distrito Federal, se constituye en Estado Democrático de Derecho y tiene como fundamentos: (…) 4. los valores sociales del trabajo y la libre iniciativa; (…) Artículo 3 Art. 3. Constituyen...

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Social Protection and Human Rights