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Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Climate Policies: Connecting the Dots

Resources - Year: 2018

This Toolbox aims to help civil society promote an integrated and coherent human rights-based approach to sustainable development, poverty eradication and environmental justice by: Highlighting the importance of rights-based monitoring of sustainable development/climate change policies and how violations of human rights can harm or hinder the implementation of SDGs...

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Social Protection Floors Calculator

Resources -

The ILO’s Social Protection Floors Calculator makes it possible to estimate the costs of child and orphan allowances, maternity benefits, public works programs for those without jobs, disability and old-age pensions. Link to...

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Case Studies and Exercises on Unemployment Protection Based on the Fictional Country of Coresia

Resources - Author: Céline Peyron Bista, Cheng Boon Ong / Year: 2017

The case studies and exercises on unemployment protection based on the fictional country of Coresia is part of the training material of the Unemployment protection: A good practices guide and training package, Experiences from ASEAN. The training material was produced under ILO/Japan Project, Promoting and Building Social Protection in...

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Unemployment protection: A good practices guide and training package — Experiences from ASEAN

Resources - Author: Céline Peyron Bista, John Carter / Year: 2017

This unemployment protection guide covers knowledge, expertise and instruments that were developed through technical assistance to ASEAN countries provided by the ILO/Japan Project, Promoting and Building Social Protection in Asia. It can be used also as a toolkit by policy-makers to conduct feasibility studies for the design of unemployment...

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PROPEL Toolkit: An implementation guide to the ultra-poor Graduation approach

Resources - Author: Harshani Dharmadasa, Lauren Whitehead, Sadna Samaranayake, Syed M. Hashemi / Year: 2016

This guide  is a tool for policy makers, practitioners and more to develop, design and execute a social protection programme with the Graduation approach, including integrating the approach into your existing programming. In a step-by-step fashion, the Toolkit guides implementers through the main programme components and phases in the...

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