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Mainstreaming Graduation into Social Protection Floors (One Pager 324)

Resources - Author: Harshani Dharmadasa, Ian Orton, Lauren Whitehead / Year: 2016

With the recent adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), eradicating extreme poverty presents a major challenge for governments worldwide. Despite recent progress, 902 million people remain in extreme poverty. To attain the right to social protection for people living in extreme poverty and, simultaneously, Goal 1,...

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PROPEL Toolkit: An implementation guide to the ultra-poor Graduation approach

Resources - Author: Harshani Dharmadasa, Lauren Whitehead, Sadna Samaranayake, Syed M. Hashemi / Year: 2016

This guide  is a tool for policy makers, practitioners and more to develop, design and execute a social protection programme with the Graduation approach, including integrating the approach into your existing programming. In a step-by-step fashion, the Toolkit guides implementers through the main programme components and phases in the...

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Social Protection and Human Rights