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Universal Social Protection Country Cases

Resources - Year: 2018

Countries have used many options to finance universal social protection. Those options include: (i) re-allocating public expenditures (e.g., from financing public subsidies to financing specific programs); (ii) increasing tax revenues, including revenue generated from taxation of natural resources; (iii) using the reductions of debt or debt servicing; (iv) expanding...

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World Report on Disability

Resources - Year: 2011

This report focuses on measures to improve accessibility and equality of opportunity; promoting participation and inclusion; and increasing respect for the autonomy and dignity of persons with disabilities. Chapter 1 defines terms such as disability, discusses prevention and its ethical considerations, introduces the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and...

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Social Protection Brief: Violence against Women and Girls

Resources - Year: 2014

The definition of social protection programmes varies widely, as do the types of interventions included and the specific outcomes sought. These programmes can be implemented through public and/or private sectors, with the involvement of single or multiple government sectors, or by some combination of these actors. This brief will...

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The Atlas of Social Protection Indicators of Resilience and Equity (ASPIRE)

Resources -

The Social Protection and Labor (SPL) Global Practice is committed to develop and update a comprehensive set of comparable and accessible indicators to help measure SPL system performance. This portal provides harmonized indicators to describe the country context where SPL program operate and to analyze performance of social assistance,...

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Rights-based Approach to Social Security Coverage Expansion

Resources - Author: Krzysztof Hagemejer / Year: 2009

This chapter presents the vision, originating from International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and recommendations, of the universalization of affordable retirement as part of a wider objective of guaranteeing a basic social security package to all. Both the principles that sustain the vision and issues related to design and implementation...

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Joint statement on advancing child-sensitive social protection

Resources - Author: DFID, HelpAge International, Hope & Homes for Children, Institute of Development Studies, International Labour Organization, Overseas Development Institute, Save the Children UK, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank / Year: 2009

The joint statement aims to build greater consensus on the importance of child-sensitive social protection. It lays out the particular vulnerabilities that children and families face, the ways that social protection can impact children even when not focused on them, and outlines principles and approaches for undertaking child-sensitive social...

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Social Protection and Human Rights