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Labour Standards Act

Legal depository - Country: Dominica / Year: 1977

An Act to provide for the fixing of wages of workers, the hours of work, their leave and generally for matters pertaining to the welfare of workers....

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Labour Contract Act

Legal depository - Country: Dominica / Year: 1983

An Act to make provisions whereby every employer is required to provide each employee within the application of this Act with a written contract specifying certain particulars of his employment; to provide the contents of a basic labour contract, and for the purposes connected therewith....

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Social Security Act 38/1975

Legal depository - Country: Dominica / Year: 1991

Defines the benefits available to eligible insured persons, including Maternity Benefit (art. 27b) and Maternity Grant. Specific rates and benefits are outlined in Regulations presented within Statutory Rules and Orders (S.R.O.) for the implementation of this...

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Social Protection and Human Rights