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Mapping existing international social protection statistics and indicators that would contribute to the monitoring of social protection extension through social protection floors

Resources - Author: Florence Bonnet, Lou Tessier / Year: 2013

This report summarises a workshop which brought together representatives from various organizations active in social protection. It presents a mapping of existing, comparable, internationally collected data and related indicators on social protection (and more specifically its contribution to ensuring basic income security throughout the life cycle) and a reflection...

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Social security: Three lessons from the global crisis

Resources - Author: Christina Behrendt, Florence Bonnet, Krzysztof Hagemejer, Michael Cichon / Year: 2011

This article focuses on three lessons that can be drawn from responses to the global crisis: People covered by different social security arrangements with respect to financing, design and coverage are exposed to economic shocks in different degrees. With adequate financing, design and coverage, social security acts as an economic...

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Social protection floors and gender equality. A brief overview

Resources - Author: Christina Behrendt, Emmanuelle St-Pierre Guilbault, Florence Bonnet, Lou Tessier, Maya Stern Plaza / Year: 2013

This working paper summarizes some of the linkages between gender inequality and access to social protection, then discusses the contribution of national social protection floors as powerful tools in reducing gender inequalities and women’s poverty, and summarizes recent developments in the international legal framework relevant to gender equality and...

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Social Protection and Human Rights