Protected Against Climate Damage? The opportunities and limitations of climate risk insurance for the protection of vulnerable populations

Organization(s): ActAlliance, Bread for the World
Author: Nicola Wiebe, Sabine Minninger, Thomas Hirsch
Year: 2017
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Climate change is not a problem of a distant future; it is already a bitter reality for millions of people around the world today. Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt) and ACT Alliance’s partner organisations report that the regions in which they operate are increasingly experiencing the impacts of climate change. These effects are even worsening in regions that have put numerous climate change adaptation measures in place.

This publication aims to provide a constructive contribution to a debate that has become ever more significant. It particularly stresses the importance of climate risk insurance and discusses the opportunities and limitations of insurance, particularly in the face of demands for climate justice and the fight against poverty, as well as the debates on vulnerability and resilience.

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