Progress of the World’s Women: Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights

Organization(s): UN WOMEN
Author: James Heintz, Laura Turquet, Papa Seck, Shahra Razavi, Silke Staab
Year: 2015
Language: French
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Twenty years after the landmark Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, and at a time when the global community is defining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the post-2015 era, the international consensus on the need to achieve gender equality seems stronger than ever before.

Empowering women and girls is among the goals aspired to by all, from grassroots organizations, trade unions and corporations to member States and intergovernmental bodies. But how far has this consensus been translated into tangible progress on the ground, and what more is needed to bridge the
gaps between rhetoric and reality? Drawing on promising experiences from around the world, this report proposes a comprehensive agenda for key policy actors—including gender equality advocates, national governments and international agencies—to make human rights a lived reality for all
women and girls.
Social Protection and Human Rights