Girls’ Rights Platform

Organization(s): Plan International

Plan International has developed the Girls’ Rights Platform to help NGOs, young activists, diplomats, UN agencies, and academia bring girls from the margins to the centre of the international agenda. This platform offers a number of innovative tools, including the world’s most comprehensive human rights database, training tools for girls’ rights advocates, and a UN debate tracker to hold States to account.

By making these powerful resources available, Plan International hopes to increase the visibility of girls’ rights, build a wider movement in support of them, and push back against regressive trends that have stifled progress for girls. We recognise that millions of girls are disproportionately disadvantaged in education, health, work, and family life—particularly in the world’ poorest countries. When factors like poverty, ethnicity or disability intersect and where gender stereotyping and unequal power relations prevail, girls’ disadvantage is magnified.

Social Protection and Human Rights