Feasibility Study of the Introduction of a New Maternity Cash Benefits Scheme in Rwanda

Organization(s): ILO
Regions: East Africa
Country: Rwanda
Year: 2015
Language: English
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The Government of Rwanda requested the ILO to carry out a feasibility study on the introduction of a new maternity benefit scheme in Rwanda.

For the moment, public and private sector employers in Rwanda provide 12 weeks of paid maternity leave to female employees based on labour laws. Women on maternity leave receive full wage replacement for the first six weeks and a 20 per cent wage replacement for the remaining six weeks of leave.

Based on ILO standards and international good practices, this ILO report recommends establishing a compulsory social insurance scheme which provides maternity benefits to be paid at least for 12 weeks. The compulsory social insurance fund supported by contributions from both male and female employees andemployers, should be established to finance maternity benefits.

Only through compulsory coverage of all wage earners, gender discrimination in employment practices, employers’ non-compliance in benefit provision, and adverse selection of participation among female workers can be prevented and a lower contribution rate can be achieved.



Social Protection and Human Rights