Building Social Protection Systems: international standards and human rights instruments

Organization(s): ILO
Year: 2017
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This compendium contains a selection of the most relevant international instruments that establish the human right to social security and provide guidance for comprehensive social security systems at national level. These include the standards and conclusions adopted by the International Labour Organization (hereinafter referred to as ILO) in the field of social security and the main human rights instruments spelling out the right to social security adopted under the auspices of the United Nations.

The compendium is intended to serve as a reference for practitioners, policymakers and other stakeholders, as well as a guidebook for the general public. Ultimately, it is hoped that it will contribute to a wider knowledge and use of these instruments, thereby strengthening their impact.

Related Principles

Adequate legal and institutional framework and long-term social protection strategies

A human rights-based approach to social protection requires grounding social protection systems in a strong legal and institutional framework. This should ensure both programme stability and the recognition of beneficiaries as rights holders. The need to provide for strong legal frameworks that clearly lay out entitlements, rights and obligations is provided for in Recommendation No. […]

Social Protection and Human Rights