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Rights-based approaches to social protection

Resources - Author: Laure-Hélène Piron / Year: 2004

This paper provides background information and analysis on the relevance of rights-based approaches (RBAs) to development for the provision of social protection (SP) in developing countries, supported through international development assistance. This background paper does not purport to serve as programmatic guidance; it only identifies key arguments and some...

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Overseas Development Institute Social Protection Programme

Resources -

Here is a link to the ODI’s social protection programme. You will find reports, policy briefs, information about events, and commentaries. Main themes include: Vulnerable groups, social development and social protection, Social protection and economic development, The politics of social protection, Social protection and safety nets in risks, shocks,...

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Social protection and social exclusion: an analytical framework to assess the links

Resources - Author: Babken Babajanian, Jessica Hagen-Zanker / Year: 2012

This Background Note suggests that social exclusion is a useful lens for researching and analysing the effects of social protection policies and programmes in low- and middle-income countries. It discusses current trends in social protection discourse, and some specific examples of how social protection could promote social inclusion by...

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Social Protection in Fragile States: Lessons learned

Resources - Author: Paul Harvey / Year: 2009

How can social protection best be achieved in situations of fragility? This paper argues that while the objectives for social protection in fragile states are essentially the same as in development contexts, social protection instruments, financing and delivery need to be adapted. In order to scale up social protection...

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Social Protection and Human Rights