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Robot-lución: The future of work in Latin American Integration 4.0

Resources - Author: Alan Krueger, Alejandro Zamponi, Andrés Cadena, Antoni Estevadeordal, Ariel Coremberg, Arun Sundararajan, Beatriz Nofal, Bianca Pacini, Carl Frey, Carmen Pagés, Cristina Calvo, Dani Rodrik, Daniel Korn, Daniel Susskind, Diego Aboal, Gaaitzen De Vries, Gonzalo Zunino, Guanzhi Zhang, Gustavo Beliz, Hua Zhang, Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso, Irmgard Nübler, Jacques Bughin, James Manyika, Jianwen Huo, Jinyu Wu, Joe Gemma, John Van Reenen, José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, Laura Ripani, Luca Sartorio, Manuel Blum, Marcelo Cabrol, Martin Rhisiart, Mingming Guo, Noelia Romero, Robert Aumann, Robert Ivanschitz, Santiago Chelala, Senén Barro, Shuxi Yin, Susan Lund, Tang Jun, Walter Sosa Escudero / Year: 2017

This new edition contains the work of over 40 experts from different parts of the world, who analyze the risks that automation may pose to work and how this may affect integration and employment. More than 40 global experts imagine the future of work and integration of Latin America...

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Social Protection Brief: Violence against Women and Girls

Resources - Year: 2014

The definition of social protection programmes varies widely, as do the types of interventions included and the specific outcomes sought. These programmes can be implemented through public and/or private sectors, with the involvement of single or multiple government sectors, or by some combination of these actors. This brief will...

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Social Protection and the Inter-American Development Bank

Resources -

Families in Latin America and the Caribbean are often faced with unexpected events that can affect their income, productive capacity, assets, and quality of life. A family’s response to these events depends on its ability to minimize their impact and mitigate any potential consequences. Those with greater assets and...

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Social Protection and Human Rights