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The role and vulnerabilities of older people in drought in East Africa Progress, challenges and opportunities for a more inclusive humanitarian response

Resources - Author: Fiona Samuels, Georgia Plank, Veronique Barbelet / Year: 2018

Whilst older people have special needs, they also have unique skills, experiences and roles within their families, communities and societies. These roles continue to a certain extent during droughts, though household burdens may increase as younger adults have migrated or are grazing livestock further away. At the same time, droughts...

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Pension Watch: Social Protection in Older Age

Resources -

HelpAge is an international network of organisations dedicated to achieving the right to social security so that all people can enjoy a dignified and secure older age. Pension Watch supports this aim by working towards universal pension coverage in developing countries. Our team of social protection experts engage with...

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Electronic payment for cash transfer programmes: Cutting costs and corruption or an idea ahead of its time?

Resources - Author: HelpAge International / Year: 2012

There is growing interest in the use of electronic payment (e-payment) systems in cash transfer programmes. When cash is transferred to beneficiaries through e-payment technologies such as mobile phone accounts or smartcards, there is potential to cut costs and reduce corruption compared with physical payment methods. E-payment systems can...

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