Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act (No. 19)

Country: Guyana
Year: 1997
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  • Article 4.2 establishes an employee’s right to continuous employment in the event that the employee is absent from work due to taking annual, maternity or sick leave, or another type of leave.
  • Article 8.1 states that the following reasons do not constitute good or sufficient cause for
    dismissal or for imposition of disciplinary action:
    (a) an employee’s race, sex, religion, colour, ethnic origin, national extraction,
    social origin, political opinion, family responsibility, or marital status;
    (b) an employee’s ago, subject to any law or collective bargaining provisions
    regarding retirement;
    (c) a female employee’s pregnancy or a reason connected with her
    (d) an employee’s absence from work because of sickness or injury certified
    by a registered medical practitioner;
    (e) an employee’s absence from work due to compulsory military service or
    other civic obligation in accordance with any law;
    (f) an employee’s participation in industrial action in conformity with the
    provisions of any law or collective labour agreement;
    (g) an employee’s refusal to do any work normally done by an employee who
    is engaged in industrial action as described In subsection (1) (f);
    (h) the filing by an employee of a complaint or the participation in proceedings
    against an employer involving alleged violations of any rule or law.
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