Social security provisions in the Constitution of the Russian Federation

Country: Russian Federation
Year: 2008

Relevant articles:

  • Article 7

1. The Russian Federation is a social State whose policy is aimed at creating conditions for a worthy life and the unhindered development of man.

2. In the Russian Federation the labour and health of people shall be protected, guaranteed minimum wages and salaries shall be established, state support ensured for the family, maternity, paternity and childhood, for disabled persons and the elderly, a system of social services developed, state pensions, allowances and other social security guarantees shall be established.

  • Article 39

1. Everyone shall be guaranteed social security at the expense of the State in old age, in case of illness, disability, loss of the bread-winner, for bringing up children and in other cases established by law.

2. State pensions and social allowances shall be established by law.

3. Promotion shall be given to voluntary social insurance and the creation of additional forms of social security and charity.


  • Article 41

1. Everyone shall have the right to health protection and medical aid. Medical aid in state and municipal health establishments shall be rendered to individuals gratis, at the expense of the corresponding budget, insurance contributions and other proceeds.

2. In the Russian Federation federal programmes for protecting and improving the health of the population shall be financed by the State; measures shall be adopted to develop state, municipal and private health services; activities shall be promoted which facilitate the improvement of health, the development of physical culture and sport, ecological and sanitary epidemiological well-being.

3. The concealment by officials of facts and circumstances posing a threat to the life and health of people shall entail responsibility according to federal law.

  • Article 71

The jurisdiction of the Russian Federation includes:

f) establishment of the principles of federal policy and federal programmes in the sphere of state, economic, ecological, social, cultural and national development of the Russian Federation;

  • Article 72

1. The joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and the subjects of the Russian

Federation includes:

g) Coordination of issues of health care; protection of the family, maternity, paternity and childhood; social protection, including social security;

  • Article 114

1. The Government of the Russian Federation shall:

c) Ensure the implementation in the Russian Federation of a single state policy in the sphere of culture, science, education, health protection, social security and ecology;


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