Social security provisions in the Constitution of Montenegro

Country: Montenegro
Year: 2013

Relevant article:

  • Article 67 – Social insurance

Social insurance of the employed shall be mandatory.

The state shall provide material security to the person that is unable to work and has no funds for life.

  • Article 68 – Protection of the persons with disability

Special protection of the persons with disability shall be guaranteed.

  • Article 69 – Health protection

Everyone shall have the right to health protection.

A child, a pregnant woman, an elderly person and a person with disability shall have the right to health protection from public revenues, if they do not exercise this right on some other grounds.

  •  Article 72 – Family

Family shall enjoy special protection.

Parents shall be obliged to take care of their children, to bring them up and educate them.

Children shall take care of their own parents in need of assistance.

Children born out of wedlock shall have the same rights and responsibilities as children born in marriage.

  • Article 73 – Protection of mother and child

Mother and child shall enjoy special protection.

The state shall create the conditions that encourage childbirth.

  • Article 74 – Rights of a child

A child shall enjoy rights and freedoms appropriate to his age and maturity.

A child shall be guaranteed special protection from psychological, physical, economic and any other exploitation or abuse.

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Social Protection and Human Rights