Social security provisions in the Constitution of Hungary

Country: Hungary
Year: 2013

Relevant articles:

  • Article XVI

1. Every child shall have the right to the protection and care required for his or her proper physical, mental and moral development.

2. Parents shall have the right to choose the type of upbringing they deem fit for their children.

3. Parents shall be obliged to look after their children. This obligation shall include the provision of schooling for their children.

4. Adult children shall be obliged to look after their parents if they are in need.

  • Article XIX

1. Hungary shall strive to provide social security to all of its citizens. Every Hungarian citizen shall be entitled to statutory subsidies for maternity, illness, disability, widowhood, orphanage and unemployment not caused by his or her own actions.

2. Hungary shall implement social security for the persons listed in Paragraph (1) and other people in need through a system of social institutions and measures.

3. The nature and extent of social measures may be determined by law in Accordance with the usefulness to the community of the beneficiary’s activity.

4. Hungary shall promote the livelihood of the elderly by maintaining a general state pension system based on social solidarity and by allowing for the operation of voluntarily established social institutions. Eligibility for a state pension may include statutory criteria in consideration of the requirement for special protection to women.

  • Article XX

1. Every person shall have the right to physical and mental health.

2. Hungary shall promote the exercise of the right set out in Paragraph (1) by ensuring that its agriculture remains free from any genetically modified organism, by providing access to healthy food and drinking water, by managing industrial safety and healthcare, by supporting sports and regular physical exercise, and by ensuring environmental protection.

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