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Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes in Latin America and the Caribbean: Coverage and investment trends

Resources - Author: Bernardo Atuesta, Simone Cecchini / Year: 2017

This document analyses the evolution of the population coverage and investment of conditional cash transfer (CCT) programmes, which are poverty reduction initiatives, in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean over the past 20 years. The analysis is based on up-to-date, detailed information from the database on non-contributory...

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Multidimensional progress: well-being beyond income

Resources - Author: George Gray Molina / Year: 2016

The report focuses on the increasingly pressing challenges facing the region. In times of global economic fragility, eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities in all their dimensions require a twofold strategy: protecting the achievements of the last decade  to prevent millions from falling back into poverty while promoting comprehensive policies...

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Social Security Provisions in the Constitution of Paraguay

Legal depository - Country: Paraguay / Year: 1992

Artículo 54 La familia, la sociedad y el Estado tienen la obligación de garantizar al niño su desarrollo armónico e integral, así como el ejercicio pleno de sus derechos (…) Los derechos del niño, en caso de conflicto, tienen carácter prevaleciente. Artículo 57 Toda persona en la tercera edad...

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Report of the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights on her Mission to Paraguay (A /HRC/20/25/Add. 2)

Resources - Author: Magdalena Sepúlveda / Year: 2012

The report focuses on a number of flagship programmes, including the Tekoporã conditional cash transfer programme, the Abrazo (“hug”) Programme and the Family Health Units Programme. The report recognizes that major strides have been made in the area of rights-based public policy planning. It also reviews the achievements of the social protection...

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Social Protection and Human Rights