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Toolkit on ILO Social Security Standards

Resources - Author: ILO / Year: 2019

The Toolkit on ILO Social Security Standards was developed with the aim of raising awareness about ILO social security standards and promoting their ratification as well as increasing their impact and application in national contexts. The toolkit provides very practical and useful insights as to the ratification procedure, model...

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Introduction to the right to social security

Social security is a fundamental human right recognized by most international human rights instruments, reinforced by regional agreements and increasingly reflected in domestic legislation. Encouragingly, requirements to respect, protect and fulfil this right in the design, implementation and evaluation of social protection policies and programmes are affirmed and broadly...

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Social security standards of the International Labour Organization

The ILO has developed a substantial body of international legal standards to give effect to the right to social security. Subsequently, over 50 conventions and recommendations have been adopted jointly by governments, employers and workers within the ILO. These social security standards have often been used by the Committee...

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Key aspects of the right to social security

The CESCR, which monitors the implementation of ICESCR, has developed the content of the right to social security beyond the cross-cutting concerns for all economic, social and cultural rights in its General Comment 19. Specifically, it provides a definition of the right to social security, describes the obligations resting...

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Social security as an economic, social and cultural right

The right to social security is most explicitly articulated in Article 9 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR). Economic, social and cultural rights are particularly complex, and are subject to a series of legal provisions that inform their implementation. States have an underlying obligation to...

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If you would like to know more about the legal approach to social protection… … then this section is for you. It will explain how international law supports the right to social security; and why economic, cultural and social rights and labour law are necessary for understanding a human...

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Social Protection and Human Rights