UNAIDS is Having a Virtual Consultation until 10 February

UNAIDS is Having a Virtual Consultation until 10 February

UNAIDS is holding a virtual consultation on the future of the UNAIDS model from 30 January until 10 February 2017.


The world has committed to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030. This target sits within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development agreed by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The General Assembly has also committed to Fast-Track the AIDS response over the next five years, in line with the 2016–2021 Strategy of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

In partnership with a range of stakeholders, including people living with HIV, UNAIDS plays a key role in the global effort to deliver on these ambitions.  An integral part of the AIDS response, the Joint Programme is widely recognized for setting the vision and global agenda, providing leadership to achieve this agenda at country level, engaging in evidence-informed advocacy, delivering normative guidance and technical expertise, monitoring the epidemic and response, and promoting human rights and meaningful engagement of civil society.

Learn more and participate in the Global Consultation: http://globalreviewpanel.blogspot.ch/p/consultation-on-unaids-joint-programme.html


Photo credit: “District Consultation” by Challenge Program on Water and Food (CCBY 2.0 via Flickr).


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