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Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, 1951

Legal depository - Year: 1951

Article 24: Labour legislation and social security 1. The Contracting States shall accord to refugees lawfully staying in their territory the same treatment as is accorded to nationals in respect of the following matters; (a) In so far as such matters are governed by laws or regulations or are...

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Equality of Treatment (Social Security) Convention, 1962 (No. 118)

Legal depository - Year: 1962

Convention No. 118 addresses the issue of the social security of migrant workers in a global manner. It covers the nine branches of social security and provides that, for each branch accepted under the Convention, a ratifying State undertake to grant equality of treatment to nationals of other ratifying...

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Refugees and asylum seekers

Generally, under human rights instruments, rights are granted to all, and not only to nationals of States parties. Thus, States parties to relevant human rights treaties are obliged to progressively ensure all economic, cultural, and social rights —including the rights to social security and health— to all individuals within...

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