Social security provisions in the Constitution of Ukraine

Country: Ukraine
Year: 2014

Relevant articles:

  • Article 17

The State ensures the social protection of citizens of Ukraine who serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in other military formations as well as of members of their families.


Chapter II – Human and Citizens’ Rights, Freedoms and Duties

  • Article 24.

Citizens shall have equal constitutional rights and freedoms and shall be equal before the law.

There shall be no privileges or restrictions based on race, skin colour, political, religious, and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics.

Equality of the rights of women and men shall be ensured by providing women with opportunities equal to those of men in public, political and cultural activities, in obtaining education and in professional training, in work and remuneration for it; by taking special measures for the protection of work and health of women; by establishing pension privileges; by creating conditions that make it possible for women to combine work and motherhood; by adopting legal protection, material and moral support of motherhood and childhood, including the provision of paid leave and other privileges to pregnant women and mothers.

  • Article 46

Citizens shall have the right to social protection including the right to financial security in cases of complete, partial, or temporary disability, loss of the principal wage-earner, unemployment due to circumstances beyond their control, old age, and in other cases determined by law.

This right shall be guaranteed by the mandatory state social insurance based on insurance payments made by citizens, enterprises, institutions, and organisations, as well as by budgetary and other sources of social security; and by establishing a network of state, communal, and private institutions caring for incapacitated persons.

Pensions and other types of social payments and assistance that are the principal sources of subsistence shall ensure a standard of living not lower than the minimum living standard established by law.

  • Article 49

Everyone shall have the right to health protection, medical care and medical insurance.

Health protection is ensured through state funding of the relevant socio-economic, medical and sanitary, health improvement and prophylactic programmes.

The State creates conditions for effective medical service accessible to all citizens. State and communal health protection institutions provide medical care free of charge; the existing network of such institutions shall not be reduced. The State promotes the development of medical institutions of all forms of ownership.

The State provides for the development of physical culture and sports, and ensures sanitary-epidemic welfare.

  • Article 51

The family, childhood, motherhood, and fatherhood are under the protection of the State.

  • Article 52

Children shall be equal in their rights regardless of their origin and whether they are born in or out of wedlock.

Any violence against a child or his exploitation shall be prosecuted by law.

The subsistence and upbringing of orphans and children deprived of parental care shall be entrusted to the State. The State shall encourage and support charitable activity in regard to children.

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