Social security provisions in the Constitution of Sweden

Country: Sweden
Year: 2012

Relevant articles:

  • Article 2 (1)

Public power shall be exercised with respect for the equal worth of all and the liberty and dignity of the individual. The personal, economic and cultural welfare of the individual shall be fundamental aims of public activity. In particular, the public institutions shall secure the right to employment, housing and education, and shall promote social care and social security, as well as favourable conditions for good health.

  • Supplementary provision 4.2.1

The Riksdag shall appoint the following fifteen committees no later than the eighth day following the first meeting of the Chamber in the electoral period of the Riksdag:

8. a Committee on Social Insurance

  • Supplementary provision 4.6.8

The Committee on Social Insurance shall prepare matters concerning:

1. national insurance;

2. national pensions;

3. occupational injury insurance;

4. financial support for families with children;

5. Swedish citizenship; and

6. migration.

Matters concerning appropriations falling within expenditure areas 8 Migration; 10 Financial security for the sick and disabled; 11 Financial security for the elderly; and 12 Financial security for families and children are prepared by the Committee on Social Insurance.

  • Supplementary provision 4.6.9

The Committee on Health and Welfare shall prepare matters concerning:

1. Care and welfare services for children and young people insofar as these matters do not fall to any other committee to prepare;

2. Care and welfare of the elderly and disabled;

3. Measures to combat drug and alcohol abuse, and other social services questions;

4. Alcohol policy measures;

5. Health and medical care; and

6. Social welfare questions in general.

Matters concerning appropriations falling within expenditure area 9 Health and medical care, social services are prepared by the Committee on Health and Welfare.

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